Looking to get your Fishing Charter website up and running and not spend a lot of money then let me create it for you!


NO CHARGE until your site is up and running AND approved by you. If you do not like it, and I cannot get your approval then you loose nothing but the time you spent in looking at the site and sending your information to me!


No hidden fees or costs. For a year of hosting as well as designing your website the cost is $75.00 . That includes 5 webpages (around the size of a standard sheet of paper or legal size—to long and people get board scrolling down the page) your domain name (www.yourname.com based upon internet availability) and your own e-mail address at your domain.


Upon completion and your approval then you send in your payment. Simple and safe without risk to you.


Then each year you pay $75.00 and send in any update and changes you want and it will be done.


The only extra cost I can see is if you request additional changes/additions after the website is completed. The added cost is only $5.00 per page.


READY to get started—just e-mail me your contact info and I will begin the process. Oh if you already have a domain name registered or wish to register it yourself then I will deduct $10.00 off the price.